Day 58 It is finished. The Lord G-d Reigns.

Not to worry. The Lord G-D created time. Before The Lord G-D created time, the rebellion would have continued without ceasing. Time will end soon and this second creation will come to an end. Time is the barrier that frames the limits of the events we see enacted from the rebellion and all its consequences Lucifer waged for sovereignty is already over. We have already walked this path. The end is finished from or even before the beginning. The war is over and we all are seated at the right hand of The Lord G-d clothed in His Glory in the new creation where none of this ever happened. There are three creations. Even the memory of this second creation and the rebellion is obliterated. Not one thought of it remains.

It has to be that way because if any aspect or whiff of thought about any of this creation is allowed to remain there in the next creation, the third creation, there is a chance at some point it could surface like when Even ate the fruit. The rebellion could inadvertently be introduced into the new creation. That will not happen. The Lord G-D set time for the boundary around the rebellion. It is finished. The good news is WE WON!


The Lord G-D encapsulated Lucifer’s rebellion so it would end.

Time is a tool, a weapon in the war. That is all.


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