Day 125 This is not a Game!

The Lord G-D does not play games! NO GAMES. NONE! NOT EVEN ONE!


For the rest of you, do not be deceived. Do not take up arms. The overcomers defeat antichrist with the word of their testimony and with songs of praise to the ONE CREATOR G-D. 

There are warnings in the Bible. Look it up for yourself. In one version I have seen the word overcomers translated as “god’s people”. I have also seen the deceived ones called “the faithful”. 

What this means in short is that The Lord G-D allows the second beast to wage war against those on planet earth who are blasphemers, “Church”. True blasphemers have the form of godliness but deny the power thereof. They are also blasphemers as it is written in the book of Esdras in the Catholic apocrypha. The blashphemers described in the book of Esdras are people who say they worship the One Creator G-D, but worship the gods or demons or are actually in service to Satan themselves. These are the ones who truly “take the name of the Lord they G-d in vain”! That phrase is not about cussing or cursing or even saying the big one (you know the GD word). Taking the name of Jesus in vain is the act of invoking his name for good or evil when you are not one of His, you are a usurper a fake and therefore anything you do or say or pronounce using his name is done in vain, or without effect. The curse or blessing falls to the ground. In Jesus day the Pharisees were a religious ruling faction that was completely fake, putting heavy burdens on others for show of power and for their own personal pleasure.  Do not be deceived by our present day Pharisees. I am thinking Jesus hates the self appointed Pharisees in our day as much as he did the ones in his days walking earth incarnate.  

The ones who are deceived into blasphemy are the ones who are at risk for getting caught up in the “war” in the last days. Sadly, in my experience I see that most of these “warriors for Christ” are following the direction of a pastor or person on television or a group on the internet. They mistakenly think they are fighting the enemies of God or otherwise why would they do the things they do? It is not so. They are not fighting the enemies of The Lord God. They were set up, deceived by Satan or one of his minions into doing their acts of rebellion against Creator God the ONE for them. If this is you, you were set up. The ones leading you in this direction are the actual true enemies of The Lord G-D and his true sons on earth. The Lord G-D calls them or you “the flock doomed to destruction or “the flock created for destruction”. Since The Lord G-D would not be creating anything for destruction, this could be in reference to the zombies and clones, copies Lucifer comes up with. 

The old testament tells us to put down our armaments. To hammer our armaments into plowshares. But instead many melt down their plowshares and make them into armaments. The Lord G-D warns us that those who live by the sword die by that sword, or pistol or rifle, or shot gun or AK47 or RPG. Whatever your weapon is put it down. NOW. The overcomers in these last days over come by the word of their testimony. The battles that are won are won by singing praise to The Lord G-D! 

I am beginning to understand what this war in these last days looks like. I have been waiting for an asteroid to hit earth or an earth quake. The New Madrid fault runs from New Mexico to the arctic circle and will some day split the North American continent into two new continents with an ocean in between. I was part of the drills in my elementary school in the Kansas City, MO area in the 1960s to prepare for this very earth quake. When the Mexico City earth quake hit I actually thought it might be starting. Looks like that was just a correction. The Red Cross took part in our preparations in elementary school. They directed the drills and led assemblies and held class room answer questions. Hotels were found and emergency procedures set in place to house lost children and displaced families in the aftermath of the earth quake. This is real. So imagine my surprise to see this take over was not some cataclysmic event. The world was changed forever and the new world order was ushered in by a virus. We call it COVID19 now. It is morphing into new strains now. It was unleashed on us from China. In case this is missed on you. China historically is called “the red dragon”. Too much coincidence? 


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