Day 128 The Lord’s Supper

There are several aspects of this con of man set up by Constantine. They mirror or mimic the real thing. For instance. “The Lord’s supper” is simply a Jewish Seder. A Seder in Judaism is the patriarch of the family. The dad. Every Friday Jewish families gather at the Father’s table to eat a sabbath meal. The meal with the dad is called a Seder meal because it is paid for and eaten at the table of the dad/Seder. This is the meal Jesus prepared for his disciples before his crucifixion. Jesus was acting as the Seder inviting his disciples minus Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus to the Sanhedrin, adding his wife Mary, to make the 12 participants we are accustomed to for the disciples of Jesus. “The Lord’s Supper” is a reenactment of the Seder Jesus held for his disciples at the Passover Celebration the week he was crucified. Therefore we talk about the Passover Seder. The Passover Seder is special in Judaism because that one meal is set up by The Lord G-D for Israel to remember the Exodus out of Egypt with the many signs and wonders that followed. Jesus did tell his disciples “as often as ye drink of this Elijah cup and eat this unleavened bread do it in remembrance of me.” That is true. Constantine and the religious rulers of his day tweaked it into our present day “Lord’s supper” observed in “Christian Churches”, some daily, some weekly on Sunday, some quarterly, and so on. 

The doctrinal teaching in the Roman Catholic Church of the Eucharist that says the wine is changed into the actual blood of Jesus of Nazareth and the wafer is the actual human flesh of Jesus of Nazareth is of course not true. Eating of the actual human flesh of another man is of course cannibalism and expressly forbidden by The Lord G-D and even in the Roman Catholic Church Doctrine. Calvinists and other protestant spin offs do not have their followers turning into cannibals, but they too miss the mark of keeping to truth. 


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