Day 304 A bent reed he will never break.

It is written of Jesus of Nazareth “A bent reed he will not break”.  So what makes those who are called by his name, the Christ of God, think they are doing service to their Lord when they are rude and mean and nasty and work from a murderous heart and envy are jealous or covet anything anyone else has for any reason?  They are deceived.  It is not Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, they follow.  

They are not true sons of Creator God, the ONE.

They are sons of their father, Lucifer/Satan, the fallen one, the accuser of the true sons. 

As yourself at the end of every day who it was you were following after as you went about your day. Who did you emulate? Whom did you mirror? Whose life did you represent?  Before you are set two options, Life and Death. Choose LIFE. 



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