Day 7: The Road Home-Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost-everything

I have heard this scripture quoted in church from the pulpit since I was old enough to pay attention and remember. “Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost.”  And “that which was lost” was always seen as and taught as some kind of election. “That which was lost” was an elite chose sort of category that only certain types of people could fit into. And I believed it. I was just one of the elite chosen. I had all kinds of things to say to those who were not chosen. They could become “new creatures”.  I could pray pious prayers beseeching God to have mercy on them.  Fact is the ecumenicists are not too far off. Since Creator GOD is all encompassing omnipresent in all things surrounding all things, then everything that the rebellion of Lucifer ripped out of that ONE perfect entity is “that which was lost”.  Even Lucifer. 

Being returned to that perfect abiding in the body of LIFE does not mean the “bad” thing is eradicated.  Returning to that state of perfection means that which went astray is redeemed, restored, recreated back to its original state of perfection.  Those old things that contributed to the rebellion or fell to it become new. The transforming and renewing is the work of the Holy Spirit, the ONE called HOLY.  Not one tittle or iota of the original being is lost. Absolutely each minutest particle of the original being is brought to completion. And we are all part of that. All of us. So when we look at another and judge them to be less than we are some how, we are without understanding. 


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