Day 109 Various tools The Antichrist uses against us

Another one of the tools used by The New World Order is complete fabrication of lies against truth. If they cannot guide you, force you or beguile you into transgression they just make up a story and pin it on you. In the indoctrination meeting I witnessed, the woman leader on stage said a sentence and the whole crowd repeated it together over and over until they became one voice repeating the sentence in chorus. The choir member I had counted my friend who led the meeting assured them there would be great reward for their work. Then she sent them out on the streets to repeat the lie they had memorized about a person they had never met. That woman’s reputation was shattered. The woman who was targeted is completely innocent but no one will bother to find out if the rumor is true. In fact the fact it is not true is better for their purposes. They get more leverage out of this kind of exercise if the devastation is not a consequence of something the person actually did.

The rank and file of the movement are led to believe they are “in the know”, part of some big sumpin sumpin, or even on a mission for The Lord G-D. They literally sell their souls for the cause. Truth is they are pawns, puppets for antichrist. Lemming in service to the One World Government. Considered expendable by the very ones they seek to serve. 

The leaders of The New World Order deceive suspecting people into believing that if enough people say the same thing long enough it becomes reality. Remember that the devil does not have the power or authority of creation through voice. All the devil can do is DUPLICATE OR COPY what Creator G-D spoke into being.


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