Day 110 The Collective Mind

The Lord G-D ordained the natural law “where two or more are gathered in my name in agreement what they ask will be done for them”. The Devil figured out that by The Lord G-Ds own decree if two in agreement can get The Lord G-D to do whatever they want 200 or 2,000 has to work. The Lord G-D is true to himself. This tactic is effectual. In Genesis 11:1-9 we see The Lord G-D scrambling speech and language because if human beings all speak the same anything will be possible for them. The scrambling of our languages was set to separate us and limit our ability to be able to “agree” at the level that brings The Lord G-D to do what we ask. With this system in place The Lord G-D is assured two wrongs will never be able to agree. 

Author’s Note: THIS IS THE COLLECTIVE MIND. Collective mind is a characteristic of the second beast as recorded in the book of Revelation. The collective mind teaches that ordinary male person or female person can create by voicing it. This is not true. Not even The Lord G-D the ONE Creator of all that is creates by voice. CREATOR G-D MADE EVERYTHING YOU SEE FROM THOUGHT THROUGH VOICE MANIFEST BY THE WORD OF G-D. Voice is the vehicle of creation. Voice sets manifestation into action. You can talk and talk and talk all you want but if you do not have the power, authority, or divinity to express thought into voice and manifest through The Word of G-D nothing is created.

Collective mind doctrine teaches that each individual has the power to create with voice. The idea is what you say has creative power. If enough people say the same thing in one accord it becomes manifest. Or the universe does it for you or some such thing. This is an effectual deception from Satan. So now it is the j o b of HaSatan and the j o b of his minions to trick masses of people into believing they have creative powers. This is so when they repeat the same sentence 500 others in a room are saying it to they believe it becomes truth. These people have been deceived into actually believing doing this makes what they say the truth, truth changes somehow to back up the lie. In this manner they believe they create truth. It is believed by some that when they create an alternate truth the actual factual truth is replaced. Some great examples of this in our every day world today is the recent move to say the holocaust never happened. That George Washington was an immoral man. For the purposes of the beast, it is critical the subjects believe they have the power to do harm with their voice and that they be angry enough to want to do harm to innocent people they have never known. 

Without the perception of personal power no one would follow the leaders like zombies. The faithful must also be convinced the harm they do is deserved by the target or that harming that target in some way advances the ones in leadership who they are convinced must be right or righteous. They must believe they are somehow doing the right thing. The most devout believe they are soldiers in a war for G-d. They are deceived. The ones deceived to this degree have been assured there is a huge reward waiting for them when their task is complete. HaSatan offers up “the greatest object in the world”. You are lead to desire something. That something becomes something you must have. That thing you must have is then promoted as the greatest thing in the world. The faithful are never told specifically what this object is. The deception is so complete they are willing to do anything to anyone just to get a small chance at it. And they do not even know what IT is. Of course there is no “IT”. 

This is very interesting to me as I write it…. I recently went through a very personal event. I was engaged or on Ketubah actually with a man. I had a woman come up to me in the grocery store in a frenzy shaking with tears saying she “did it because she wanted “IT” for her daughter…. She did what she did to me….. because she wanted “IT” for her daughter. Well………….. she and her husband had set up a sex trip with my husband (on Ketubah) and supposedly this woman, the girls mother, you mind, had set up the sex trip with my husband because she wanted “IT” for her daughter…. I did not know because MY husband on Ketubah and I had not actually talked about money. I was told later he was very wealthy. So this mother and father would sell their daughter into prostitution for a man who could have anyone ……. so she could have “IT”.  In her case ‘IT” was an appendage.  Ask yourself what your “IT” is and then ask if it is worth your immortal soul. 


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