Day 111 Good people having good intentions can loose their souls

Without the perception of personal power no one would follow the leader of the zombies. The faithful must also be convinced the harm they do is deserved by the target. That they are somehow doing the right thing. That most devout believe they are soldiers in a war for G-D. They are deceived. The ones deceived to this degree have been assured there is a huge reward waiting for them when their task is complete. HaSatan, the devil, offers to you “the greatest object in the world”. The faithful are never told what this object is. The deception is so complete they are willing to do anything to anyone just to get a small chance at it, and they do not even know what IT is. Of course there is no “IT”. These faithful deceived into service to the devil believe they receive special powers, gain special insight or special knowledge from their leaders who they believe get the power from G-D to do the j o b. 

This is the same function as Pavlov’s Dog experiments. Pavlov was able to condition his dog to obey his commands even after the treats stopped and even when the treats turned into a negative stimuli like an electric shock. The dogs were so conditioned to obey they kept on no matter what. It is also the same idea as putting a carrot on a stick in front of a donkey to get him to move forward. That donkey will never be able to reach the carrot to eat the carrot but it is the promise of getting to eat the carrot that keeps him salivating.  That carrot is just one more step in front of him so he gladly tales the step. Then for a while he hurries faster thinking he is just not fast enough. The abuse continues and the donkey is happily functioning for the oppressor at a better rate than ever before.

Other examples of this deception of Satan in the Stockholm Syndrome where people who have been kidnapped actually start defending their captors and join the abusers in their cause against even their own loving families. These are just a few of the ways good people with good intentions are caught in a trap and loose their souls. 

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