Day 119 Trinity Part 2: God the Son, section 2

Jesus of Nazareth was and is the “Word of G-D”. Jesus of Nazareth came into time space continuum to be the “Chosen Lamb of G-D”

When Abraham climbed the mountain so see G-D and wanted to offer a sacrifice to The Lord G-D, Abraham was in the process of wrapping up his only son Isaac to place him on the fire in sacrifice to Creator. Creator G-D, the ONE told Abraham not to sacrifice his only son. Creator G-D, The Lord G-D said he would provide a suitable sacrifice for himself. He instructed Abraham to untie the boy. In the story as recorded in Torah, Abraham saw a goat caught in a thicket and used it to make sacrifice before I AM. 

That goat was not intended to wipe out Abraham’s sin. This sacrifice of animals is a pleasing aroma in the nostrils of Creator G-D, the ONE. It is a gift like a husband gives a bride on their wedding day to express his love and DEVOTION TO HER AND TO PLEASE HER.

The Lord G-D himself according to his own justice had to provide the sacrificial lamb to take away the sin of Lucifers rebellion all of Adams seed is born into. This is the original sin, the cause for Jesus of Nazareth dying on a cross, spilling his blood. The sin is original because it is genetic. We have no choice to be born in sin like we do not choose our parents or our eye color. Only Creator G-D, the ONE could provide what would heal the gash in the fabric of the first creation caused by the rebellion of Lucifer. It is personal to Creator G-D, the ONE. Creator and only Creator can heal the ONE. 

The Lord G-D did what he told Abraham he would do. He chose “The Word of God” being through which he had manifest all of the first two creations to enter time space through the birth canal of a woman to take on the flesh of dust and shed blood. Only this blood of the only begotten son of The Lord G-D chosen Lamb of G-D heals the body of the original being. The great rift ripped into the side of the original being is healed. Jesus said, “It is finished”. The original being is whole again. The third and next, perfect creation is what is. Everything is as it was before the rebellion but better because nothing of Lucifer or the rebellion is there. 

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