Day 120 Trinity part 2: God the Son, section 3

The Lord G-D chose The Word of G-D to shed blood to heal the ONE original being from the ravages of the rebellion. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us full of grace and truth. Jesus of Nazareth is The Word of G-D. Jesus of Nazareth is not Creator G-D the ONE original being and must not be worshiped as creator G-D the ONE any more than the angels. 

John 1:1 says “In the beginning was The Word and the Word was with God and The Word was God”

John 1:2 He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being. This is all true. How can that be? It seems to state directly that Jesus is God. 


I was saved in a Southern Baptist Church at age 9. Baptized on Easter Sunday. I have stuck to that decision. I have studied the Bible all my life. I heard the teachings. I took them to heart and became a zealot, a missionary, a called and ordained empowered end times witness class prophet. But…………….

It is only in the last few years as I continue to be caught up into Heaven to experience The Lord G-D there again and gain wisdom and understanding has my eyes and ears been opened to this truth. Please except my humble explanation.

In the beginning GOD!

In the beginning GOD! It does not say in the beginning GOD and The Word. Creator G-D is ONE. ONE not two. ONE not three. Hear Oh Israel. The Lord thy God is ONE. The Lord thy God is ONE LORD. ONE. The original being that encompassed all that is, all life, is ONE. Everything else came out of or from the ONE. The Word of G-D is an aspect of creation just like you and me. We who are adamah dust and sin because of Lucifer are very blessed that The Creator of all that is looked upon The Word of G-D he had manifest all creation through and saw the perfection in him necessary to repair the breach and heal the body. The LIFE is in the Blood. LIFE of one perfect spilled begat LIFE. It is finished. Death is finished. The rebellion is finished. We who except this truth are given resurrection power into new LIFE. The old death is passed away. Behold all things have become NEW LIFE! We are born again, born a second time without the benefit of a womb of woman, no flesh, no adamah but through the blood of the Lamb.  Resurrection to LIFE

The Lord G-D cannot look on sin. If Creator G-D The ONE tried to communicate with us, he would consume us in the fires from his nostrils. The blood of his chosen lamb, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of The Lord G-D, acts as a one way mirror or a bridge between the ONE creator of all that is and his true sons on earth so The Lord G-D can commune with us and not consume us. 

Once the Garden of Eden, the foot stool of The Lord G-D is purged of the last plant set by Ha Satan, Creator G-D the ONE will consume the first creation with the breath of his mouth. None of this ever happened. Not one thought or breath from here carries over to the new creation. The first creation never happened.

None of this every happened. 

This is an illusion. We live in an illusion. The chair you are sitting in is not real. It is an illusion……….

it never happened. 


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