Day 121 Trinity Part 3: “The Holy Spirit”

The third part of the “trinity” or “godhead” is commonly known as the “Holy Spirit”.  “Holy Spirit” is not right. Calling this very real ethereal being “Holy Spirit” is misleading and instituted by the first dragon, the Church, as set up by Constantine to be used to deceive us into idol worship. 

“Holy” means separate. 

So the third part of “trinity” the “Holy Spirit” is “THE ONE CALLED HOLY” or “The separate ONE.”

The ONE CALLED HOLY is an angel. 

This angel earned the name or designation “The Holy One” “The One called Holy” because this one angel stood with Creator G-D the ONE and did not follow Lucifer to worship Lucifer as creator. Then this separate one went to the angelic host to round up 2/3 of them together to oppose the 1/3 deceived by Lucifer to mutiny. There was war in the first creation. The angelic hosts in service to Creator G-D defeated Lucifer and the 1/3 who defected from The One Creator G-D.

Creator G-D ripped Lucifer from the fabric of creation and cast him and the 1/3 of the rebelling angels in service to him into the void. As Lucifer cascaded through the heavens he captured 1/3 of the stars with his tail and dragged them with him captive. Lucifer spewed from his mouth the waters of creation separation from LIFE engulfed him and he fell.  Lucifer himself was created an angelic being. 

The ONE CALLED HOLY is an angel. 

The ONE CALLED HOLY is not Creator G-D or a god of any kind and certainly not a demon in service to Lucifer. 

There is no three-in-one “godhead”. Creator G-D is not “trinity”. Creator did not run around and find two buddies to help him. Creator G-D, the Lord G-D is ONE. God is ONE. Not 3. Never 3. 

This angel commonly known as “The Holy Spirit” is real. The angle called “The Holy Spirit” is the angel who led the troops of Heaven and defeated the fallen angels in battle, restoring order and peace to the heavens. Creator G-D The Lord G-D has trusted this angel with bringing all of us home. This is the only part of the first creation Creator G-D The Lord G-D would trust with that important job. I can assure you “the ONE CALLED HOLY will let you know in a flash he is not Creator G-D. This angel with the designation “Holy” or the “ONE CALLED HOLY” is 200 feet tall and packs a punch. I suggest you not mess with “THE ONE CALLED HOLY”. With that said, he is gentle with the lambs. Warm and tender with the ewe lambs with a jolly laughter that rings through the heavenlies. Protective of the true sons of The Lord G-D. No worries. Diligent to complete the task The Lord G-D has set before him to bring each and every true son home. 

There you have it.  No three-in-one “godhead” exists.  The Lord thy G-D is ONE. 

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