Day 122 Trinity

There is one called “trinity”. “trinity” is a demon that entered the time space continuum on December 25. The same December 25th the famed “Pandora’s Box” was opened and all the demons and spirits and entities and ethereal beings Jesus took captive in those days between his death and his resurrection came pouring out into earth time space for their last judgment. The same December 25th church chose to set up their commercial enterprise to make money and push another god to promote more idol worship. They called it Christmas or Christ Mass. Christ Mass celebrates the day the demons and their lord satan celebrated because they had killed the Only Begotten Sone of G-D on a tree. Mass celebrates that victory over The Lord G-D thousands of times a day… they recrucify him.  It is not in service to Jesus. He only died once. His job was finished that day. This is a sick perpetuation of the picture of The Christ of G-D on a tree and the perpetuation of Christ Mass, December 25th. 

In those three days between the crucifixion and the resurrection, Jesus went into the belly of the earth and defeated Satan, sin, hell and death. Jesus took a host of captives that have been incarcerated under the throne of The Lord G-D to be released for a short time at the end of the age. Witness the release of Pandora’s box. That is now. We are at the end of the age. We are living at the end of the age now. Time is over. 

The demon named “trinity” is so the named “trinity” so the Catholic Church could worship it as a god and spread the idea of a godhead. Church and the first beast have introduced “trinity”, a demon, to the world as “creator”. Every time someone prays or does homage or genuflects to “trinity” they are worshipping a demon. The Lord G-D says it in ways like “you worship that which is not God. you worship the work of your hands. you worship gods I have not told you to worship.”

The “gods” are real. A lot of the ones people worship or do homage to are humankind created on the sixth day of the first creation. Humankind created from though through voice manifest by The Word of G-D is an immortal being. Made immortal after the likeness of Creator G-D. But what is so sad about the worship of the gods is that many are not even ethereal beings or humankind. Some are even demons. People like to run their lives listening to chatter from familiar spirits. Do not call them “supernatural”. That too is a serious offense. The Lord G-D is nature. Nothing is superior or outside The Lord God The ONE Creator Being.

“The trinity” is a lie. The entity “trinity” is a demon.





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