Day 122 Supernatural

Calling things supernatural is twisted. The truth is, the gods are real. Many times in our dark understanding seeing through a glass darkly what we call “supernatural” is simply something we do not have words to express or have not experienced before or regularly. Many times what we call “the gods” are ones created on the sixth day from thought through voice manifest by The Word of G-D. They are immortal beings. The did not follow Lucifer in rebellion or worship him as creator. Death did not touch them.

Some of these immortal beings are good, benevolent, or helpful to us like Michael the prince of the Angels and our prince too. The Watchers in the book of Ezekiel are immortal beings. The stars are immortal. The familiar spirits and the harassers and the tormentors are all immortal beings created on the sixth day of the first creation from thought through voice manifest by The Word of G-D. The negative aspects were tricked into joining the rebellion. Lucifer has not “created” anything. Not one thing. Nothing.

I hear people say “G-D does not make junk.” That is true. But that which we might call “junk” is a copy or a clone of the real a duplicate a zombie if you will in our current vernacular. They are fakes. Fictional representations from the failed attempts of Lucifer to create something. Creator G-D does not make junk. Everything that Creator G-D made came from herself, the Original Being. Nothing is that did not come from that original LIFE. Part of the first creation was deceived into thinking Lucifer just might pull it off. Lucifer might actually create something. What a game! Lets see if he can do it. They were wrong. They became death along with Lucifer. We of the true vine who are assigned to planet earth today have to deal with them on a daily, even continual basis. Be strong and of good courage. Put on the whole armor of The Lord G-D! The victory has already been won. 

Members of the Roman Catholic Church make the sign of he cross and say the words “Father Son Holy Spirit” on many occasions for many reasons and simply at will for any reason. “Father Son Holy Spirit” is considered “the trinity” or for protestants “the godhead” or “the three-in-one”. Hear me now. G-D, The Lord G-D, Creator G-D the ONE is not a multiple personality. Creator G-D is ONE.

End of story. 

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