Day 123 The beginning of the “Church” story.

The beginning of the story is Constantine in 335 AD set about to rule the world by uniting the various religious faiths and beliefs under one doctrine. One belied that encompassed all that included Greek and Roman mythology. I am not the first to write about this. Look this up.

To do this Constantine gathered up all the beliefs of all the most popular religions in 335 AD to mold a one stop one fits all religion. This is to capture the minds of the masses and make them subservient to him through religious fervor. Church is indeed the “opiate of the people” as Karl Marx said. “Church” was created by Constantine specifically for this purpose. The Catholic Church seated in Rome has put out their version of how church came about and what Constantine did to at the Council of Nicaea to satisfy the faithful that might wonder. Do not be deceived. 

Constantine mixed and matched some of the sacred vestments or icons of many beliefs into one new one to capture as many different religious people as possible to make them follow him including the pagans or those who professed to be nothing. For instance: A cherub is not a baby angel colored red carrying a tiny bow and arrow to shoot into a persons heart and make them full of love. 

I met a cherub. Get ready for that one. The sight nearly took my breath away. The Cherub was good about it though. Said, “You were expecting something else?” Then we laughed together. I nearly passed out from terror. The big bulbous being in front of me chuckled. 

Yeah. Expecting something else is an understatement. This being was amazing. Yes this magnificent being before me is the one that would protect Creator G-D and his throne. His size and appearance is enough to make an unsuspecting adversary faint dead away. The closest thing I have seen in earth to give you an idea about what I saw is Jabba Du Hut in the Star Wars movies. Princess Leah was chained to it for a while. 

“Valentine” is a lesser god or demon that entered time space on December 25. One of many or even a multitude. Sending out “Valentines Cards” is an act of worship to this lesser god or demon. It is idolatry. It cheapens the bond between man and wife to lust or desire. The whole “hook up” craze hitting our youth in the United States today is based in worship to this demon called Valentine much like the temple whores to Diana or Ashera or Artemis, the Baals. The “hook up” culture hitting our youth in the United States today started with the sexual education assemblies in the public schools in the mid 1990s to promote moral decadence and decay in an act of worship to the lesser gods.

“Trinity” is the name of a demonic being who entered time space on December 25th.

The holiday “Christmas” celebrated on December 25th in some places around the world is a lie. Christmas means “Christ Mass”. A mass is a funeral celebration of a death. The demonic beings in service to Lucifer along with Lucifer and the two beasts of The Book of Revelation in the canonized Christian Bible celebrate the death and apparent victory over Jesus of Nazareth claiming the cross and his apparent death as victory over Creator G-D and the heavenly hosts. The first beast in The Book of Revelation, the “Church” used “Christ Mass” as one way to trap masses of people into worshipping the beast. It is idol worship. 

The bottom line is there is only ONE G-D. ONE CREATOR. ONE LORD OF ALL THAT IS. THE LORD G-D. Jesus of Nazareth is not incarnate in time space right now. Being spirit and not in time he can and does drop in on us on occasion at his will and choice. I thank him for his visits to me so far and look forward to the visit. The angels and an occasional star if we are in their near proximity also visit when necessary to protect us or at the direction of The Lord G-D.  We are in the last days of this second creation. Israel’s last week. We are in the 70 years, not the last 7 days of those 70 years. We are in the tribulation. Not the great tribulation. We are in the week, just not the week within the week. Time is over. No one wants “more time”. Please stop asking for it. Take that phrase out of your mouth and your mind. Set your mind and your mouth forward to the new Heaven and the New Earth already there waiting for you. Let’s go home.

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