Day 235 Purgatory

One more place I have been that is also now a ghost town is “purgatory”. When I approached the city of purgatory the first time, I had never seen anything like it. But I will, again, borrow from Hollywood to give you a good description of the past city of “purgatory”. I am pretty sure some of the creators of the Star Trek series have been there because purgatory looks a lot like the Borg spaceship. If you are someone who follows Star Trek Next Generation, the first visual we get of the Borg ship while standing on the bridge of the Enterprise is exactly what “purgatory” looks like hanging in the void. 

Yes. Purgatory was a place out there in the void. Remember at the beginning of this book I talked about how in the beginning of the second creation, the one we are in now, there was only G-D, the original ONE and void. The void is still out there. Creation is of the ONE. 

“Purgatory” was a big square block of cubicles hanging in void. People living there had their own address. Every time a person ended up there in the cycle of LIFE, they went back to the same cubicle. It was kind of like a holding cell for souls between incarnations. Yes. Some of us have lived many lives. I even remember half a dozen lives I have lived here on planet earth in the time space continuum. Purgatory was not a receptacle for people who messed up in their last life on planet earth so that they had to go back over and over again until they “get it right” and can enter paradise/heaven. That story is a lie thought up by Constantine and the priests in the third century AD when he canonized the Christian Bible and instituted the Catholic Church, Rome. The humankind created on the sixth day are immortal. We live a life here in time space on planet earth. Then that short fleeting life ends. We got to a place not unlike the Borg ship (“purgatory”) to rest and recuperate from the ravages of existence in time and await our new assignment in time space. When we are called up into action we enter the “birth canal”, a long winding tube descending from heaven to earth, and we descend into time space continuum. This “birth” (travel through the long winding clear tube) into the time space continuum is excruciatingly painful as we leave perfection and take on imperfection to carry out our assignment for Creator G-D, the ONE.

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