Day 234 The consequence for rebellion now is the second death

The consequence for rebellion against Creator G-D, the ONE, now is the second death and the fiery pit at the bottom of the sea of glass. It burns without ceasing continually without time as a limit. All who are multiplications of Satan and his minions go there without remedy.  Even the memory of them is purged. They never existed. The rebellion never happened. We are in the process of gathering the rebellion into the fires of the bottomless pit. 

The overcomers who win their wars against antichrist, the beast, and the false prophet overcome with the Testimony of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of The Lord G-D, Creator G-D, The ONE.  They overcome the beast with the Testimony of Christ in situations much like the “goddess” attack I described. These overcomers will get to stand by the sea of glass and play harps and tambourines as the rebellion, those who tribulated them, plunge into the fires of the sea of glass. 

If any of us could carry the memory of the event we have endured in time to the new creation, there would be sorrow. There is no word or concept for sorrow or pain in the new creation. There is no need to have words for something that never existed. Even the memory of what sorrow or pain used to be will not be there. 

That nasty thing that sits in the cubicle next to you at work and you swear lives and breathes to make your life miserable and take your job will not be there. That bully that hurt my daughter’s tiny 3-year-old friend will not be there. The “goddess” who so arrogantly asserted her “goddness” in my face in the checkout line at a popular department store ……. will not be there.

Do this exercise for yourself. Write down the names of all the people who are vexing your soul. They will not be there! They will not be there because that whole character flaw we call “human” will not be there. We are new creatures.  Behold we have become new. Jesus said, “Be perfect as I am perfect.” This is a work of the One Called Holy (the Holy Spirit for those of us who are churched). The Lord G-D will illumine the dark recesses of your soul and your personality. He will make your paths straight. He will make you a new creature in Christ Jesus that does not have the possibility of any act that causes sin, separation from Creator G-D, The ONE, within them. 

Can an apple make orange juice? Can a tree fly like a bird? No. Of course not. It is not in them.  When you are a New Creature in Christ Jesus, born into the third creation, sin/rebellion is not in you. There is no possibility of sin. It has nothing to do with you. This is G-Ds design.

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