Day 242 Thoughts about “temporary lapse in judgment”

I am being tribulated on a daily basis. Wanted you to know so you don’t think I got it easy and don’t have anything to say to the true sons fighting for survival in these end days.  Yesterday was especially difficult here. I have been defamed and gamed and face passive aggression on all sides. Which seems better than the full outward aggression we see in mall and school shootings or protests in Canada.  But I wonder if those outbursts of full aggression are not driven by years and years of passive aggression when we stand silent like lambs led to the slaughter.  How many of us are falling to “temporary lapses of judgment” by someone around us we thought we could trust?  What can be done by those of us who find us to be one of the ones who has done harm to another from one of our own “temporary lapses in judgment”?  We need to find out what fixed it and fix it as fast and as cleanly as possible.  Will we face judgment for our “temporary lapses in judgment?  I do not have that answer because it is different for each one of us in each and every situation. For myself, I have decided to guard my heart against feelings of revenge. I have decided to guard my mind from feelings of victimization. God is not doing this to me. I have to guard myself from a murderous heart. Taking matters into my own hands because God is not doing anything will only bring the wrath on myself.  And yet I must do all to stand up for myself when faced with bald faced lies and passive aggression. And I must guard myself from being happy when The Lord God does show up and my enemies fall.  I face adversity and false accusations and the plans of certain destruction against me today.  I need The Lord God to go before me and be my right flank and rear guard.  I cannot risk losing his favor now on something that will not even exist and never happened when we finally see the sky roll back like a scroll and the Shofar sounds and Jesus comes again to take us home. And neither can you. 

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