Day 243 “They will be mad”-the false accusers

Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of G-D, said, “The world hates me because I am truth and speak only truth.  I shed light on its wickedness.”  Evil men do not love and honor Jesus because he tells them their true condition.  The life he lived exposed their wickedness. They hated Him and struck Him down because they were afraid of Him. 

In a session Jesus had with the Pharisees of his day Jesus tells them, “But I know you that you do not have the love of G-D in you. I have come in my Father’s name and you do not receive me.  If another comes in his own name, him you will receive. How can you believe what is true, when you receive honor from one another and do not seek the honor that comes from the One Creator G-D?

Here is the paradox for those who call themselves “Christian”. The Pharisees were recognized by everyone in Jesus’ day as the most holy religious people of their time. Jesus told them their holiness was filthy rags because it was all for show. Everything they did was to get praise and honor from men. That fault blinded them to life and deafened them to truth. Jesus taught that when antichrist is revealed on earth sons and daughters will embrace him and fall into his deception to worship him and die the second death. 

Jesus talked about how we have itchy ears to follow the teacher that says what we want to hear. Probably the last church I will ever attend sent their preacher to tell me, “We know who you are. You cannot speak truth here. No one wants to hear the truth. So just don’t say anything.”  I was soon falsely accused and thrown out of the midst of them. Then they took their lies on the road and defamed me in the area.  By our own declarations and our own truths, we can live the sin we choose and still get our reward in the end. Through church and religion, we stack the deck in our favor and teach that at the end of this life no matter how much we cheat lie and steal, fornicate and murder or who we worship, we still win the prize and go to our eternal rewards because our sins and transgressions are under the blood of Jesus. 

Satan has set this trap to deceive the many. It is a twist of truth off just a few degrees from truth to deceive as many as possible. For those who are chosen by Jesus and covered in the blood and that blood sacrifice is accepted for them by The Lord God, so their filthy rags are removed from them, and they are clothed in white linen, they are not sin and know no separation from God because they are NEW CREATURES. BEHOLD THE OLD PASSES AWAY AND ALL THINGS BECOME NEW. THESE REDEEMED ARE NEW CREATION. SIN AND THE DESIRE TO SIN ARE NOT PART OF THE NATURE OF THE NEW CREATION.

For an example in nature, an apple cannot make orange juice. In the new creature redeemed by the Blood sacrifice of the Lamb of God, the desire to sin does not exist.  




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