Day 264: Witchcraft, be careful that you are not found to be the witch

This topic today is coming from something I went through recently.  I was dropping off my taxes to be filed and staying in my car due to covid concerns. They were coming to my car to pick up my documents.  A wind picked up.  It has been windy here. Nationwide there are spring tornadoes and thunderstorms, like usual.  But this person at my car panicked. I heard her say under her breath, “I came to your car to help you and this breeze came up.”  There were some papers flying around. Others came to pick them up for her since I was stuck in my car due to covid protocols.  The lady doing the intake could not compose herself. She started saying “Jesus, help me. Jesus, help me!” Then she muttered something I could not hear. I turned to her and said, “Do not curse me.”  She gasped and ran.

Why would this person I have never met be thinking a breeze coming up was some kind of sign?  Why? Then on top of that, to interpret the breeze as deliberate to do harm.  Why? Then to take it further to decide the breeze was there because of me.  Why? Then to jump another leap and decide I was causing the breeze to do her harm.  Then the final leap to insanity and unreason that would say I personally must be something demonic that she needed to invoke the name of Jesus against me. WOW.  You see. All of that is in her head.  None of it is real.  Not even invoking the name of Jesus against me.  If she did curse me under her breath, it did no good.  It is written, a curse that is causeless does not alight.  She panicked and ran. The supervisor of the event came to my car saying we have a problem.

Yes, they have a problem.

This event was brought to mind this morning in my quiet time with The Lord God to share with you.  This person was obviously under some religious training that put fear into her about a breeze….. and the only answer she had to define or describe the event was that I must be a witch causing the breeze to come to harass her.  Really?

Where I was instructed to go with this is to talk about her invoking the name of Jesus against me is, for her to do that, she had to have judged me to be an enemy of The Lord G-d. Had to judge herself righteous.  Had to judge herself in a position before The Lord God and with Jesus to be able to call to them and they would come arunnin to do me harm……………..

I suggest this is a close picture of real witchcraft. 

Invoking the name of Jesus in order to do harm to another is the real definition of “taking the Lords name in vain”.  Whispering that curse against me under her breath is witchcraft.  All of this comes from a control spirit. 

Another point to be made is that we are warned in the Bible to be careful especially in our day because there will be imposters calling themselves Jesus that come to deceive the many. So, I am concerned this one she invoked to come that she thinks is Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God , is in fact a false spirit.  A demon.  A familiar spirit as they are described in the old testament.  Familiar spirits are demons.  They are the microscopic servants of Lucifer and they are part of the fall or part of Lucifer’s failed attempts at creation.  I think they are sometimes called poltergeists, or leprechauns, the wee people , even perhaps “the saints”, or “personal gods”. The point is it is very possible this person who would consider herself devout Christian and in the army of God is very likely in service to satan.  Possibly captured in spirit to the demonic forces and headed to eternal damnation.  This is not a game.

I know I was not causing that breeze. If the breeze was in any way sent for any reason that had to do with me, then it came from The Lord God or one of his messengers in my behalf.  It just occurred to me as I write this, but if it could be said that breeze was sent as a supernatural sign that the sign was for me and I was supposed to drive away.  It could have been warning me that there was trouble there.  After all my financial well being is in their hands now.  I pick up the tax return in a few days. 

The thing that is important here is we must check ourselves.  Invoking the name of Jesus to do harm to another is not right. Maybe never.  That is not the purpose for our accesses to using the name……. using the name in any way that is not exactly what it was set up for is “taking the Lord’s name in vain”.  The witchcraft was coming from the one panicked about a breeze. 

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