Current Events

I have not added anything here in a very long time. The events that are being reported by the news carriers to me are signs of the time. The end of time actually. There is a report that scientists believe we are living in a “multiverse”.  I guess it does not matter what they end up calling it. Creator God is real. I have experienced the other side personally during the 10 earth hours I was “dead” as they knitted me a new body. It is real. It is true. I do not know all we are going to endure here before the sky rolls back like a scroll.  It is called the tribulation of the saints for a reason.  Apparently it is Satan’s last temper tantrum before The Lord God takes matters into hand and ends it.  The one thing to do is hold on to the one true creator God.  It does not matter who or how many come against you. Remember the example we have of Jesus of Nazareth the chosen Lamb of Creator God.  At the very moment he needed his support around him and as he hung on the cross and cried out to Creator God, Why have you forsaken me. Jesus was alone. No one came to his rescue. Not even Creator God. Because he was doing the job he was created for. The people who shouted crucify him were doing the job they were created for. Judas Iscariot who betrayed him for 20 pieces of silver was doing the job he was created for. I do not understand what wisdom there is to gain from this truth. I know it is truth. I know that what I had the privilege of experiencing is truth.  It is real. Do not stop. Do not give up. Creator GOD the ONE is real. All else will pass away in the twinkling of an eye. The sky will roll back like a scroll and all truth will be revealed. Do not let your hearts faint. Do not let your hands grow idle. Keep putting one foot in front of the other with steadfast conviction The Lord God is real. I am real. I am Theresa The flower of God or Gods Little Flower. This is true also. Remember We are not alone. 

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