It is not quite a year since I added content here. I had to stop because I had become directive, scolding even, and judgmental. All of those stances are wrong.  Please forgive. I have been through my own training and school. if you will, to teach me how far off the path I had wandered. My own personal well being is in jeopardy due to my disobedience to CREATOR for why I am here in planet earth on October 21, 2023.  CREATOR in infinite wisdom in LOVE will allow us to go as far into the pig sty as we want to in order for us to get fed up and look UP so we can see THE LIGHT.  My job here now is not to judge or tell people how to sort out their lives here now or their relationship with the ONE CREATOR BEING….. My job as I understand it right now is to help sort out what we are seeing in the headlines and read the signs of the times.  It is my charge from heaven to write here every morning after I have gotten my marching orders for the day.  This is my beginning for that.  

Again please forgive me for my absence in this past very trying year. I needed an attitude and altitude adjustment myself. Creator knows all of us. Creator is NEVER late. She has our wants and needs in place for us before we know we want them and need them. I am here today exactly in CREATOR TIME.  THE THERESA

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