Day 28 Even Moses failed to believe

This is real. Do not doubt or despair.  The Lord G-D manifests supply in our lives before we enter the circumstances that warrants us gathering the supplies needed to successfully endure the challenge ahead. Still we doubt and fear. Forgive me Father.

Recently, G-D took me to the place in the Bible where Israel is out of Egypt and in the wilderness hungry thirsty and scared. Moses asks G-D what to do. G-D tells Moses to go to the rock and command it to pour out water for the Israelites to drink. Seems easy enough.

Moses was a regular person like you and me. Israel had been quarreling with him about provisions for the trip.  Moses went to the rock and struck it twice. Water poured out. Israel’s thirst was quenched. 

G-D called Moses to account. See, G-D told Moses to tell the rock to pour out waters for Israel. Moses struck the rock. G-D asked Moses, “Didn’t you know and believe I would show my holiness?” 

The G-D of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had just brought them out of Egypt with signs, wonders, and portents. Creator G-D lived amongst them. He walked and talked with them. And they could not trust Him to give them the water they needed.

Moses could not trust G-D to do what he said.

Ok. So Moses was tired and exasperated with the masses of people he was responsible for. He grieved the heart of G-D by not trusting Him to show His Holiness. 

In the tribulation of the saints we are currently in and the great tribulation of the saints coming in our lifetime we can trust Creator G-D to show his Holiness. Our supply is there before we need it. Do not fear. 

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